Doi Village community tourism - Tan Lap Commune, Moc Chau district

Doi Village is about 30km far from Moc Chau Farm Town, with natural beauty, a place to reserve traditional culture; green tea hills which are attractive to visitors. Visiting this place, visitors have the opportunity to participate and experience in daily activities as the local people such as looking for medical leaves, tea picking, fishing, etc. and self cooking many traditional dishes such as: grilled fish, grilled chicken, com lam, etc.

Ta Xua Bac Yen Tea agricultural tourism

Located at an altitude of nearly 2,000 m, this area is given favorable conditions by nature for Tea growing, especially tradition Snow Shan tea having hundreds of years old. This is precious tea varieties growing naturally, with white buds, golden wings, broad leaves, naturally cared, with aromatic, cool and strange taste while drinking. Coming here, tourists can participate in tea picking and in the processing of tea of Hmong people, and enjoy tea flavor heated with Ta Xua spring water.

Pha Din Pass

Pha Din Pass has a length of about 32 km on National Highway 6, is the junction between Son La Province and Dien Bien Province. Pha Din is one of the "Tu Đai Dinh Deo" in the Northwest, together with O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha Pass, Ma Pi Leng Pass. "Pha Din" in Thai language means "heaven and earth", this is the junction between heaven and earth. According to the legend here, in order to resolve disputes, Lai Chau and Son La provinces had to organize a horse race for demarcation. Up to the top of the pass, you'll feel the majestic natural beauty, interspersed valleys, villages which together created a colorful picture.

It Hot Village spring, Muong La District

Located in the center of It Ong town, It Village hot springs is favorite destination of many tourists. Natural water temperature is from 400c - 500c, which is convenient for tourists to visit, accommodate and get treatment. Mineral stream with warm water helps the body relaxed and prevent diseases of the skin and bones and joints, which is good for your health.