To dotermine on defending our sacred water and islands

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On May 16, 2014 an express official message no.1538/CĐ-BVHTTDL was issued by the minister of Minitry of 
Culture, Sport & Tourism requested the director of Department of Culture, Sport & Tourism of all provinces which were directly under the central government as well as all devision heads under the Ministry of Cultrure, Sport & Tourism from central to local levels had to be responsible for keeping a close watch on all activities of culture, sport and tourism on his/her area, especially attach importance to programs gathering lots of people in numbers; prevent firmly and severely deal with those who making inciting acts or taking unfair advantage of culture, sport and tourism activities to do illegal acts; guarantee tourist safety and property…Via tourist assistant centers, tourism information centers should reinforce their officials on duty during holidays, set up hotline and mechanisms for receiving and processing tourist’s feedback as well.    

May 17, 2014 the director of Son La Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism convened an urgent meeting to entrust all bureaus and funtional devisions of culture, sport & tourism with spreading content of the message to everyone including officials, employess, students for the purpose of improving their vigilance and ensuring public order.
Centre of Son La Tourism Information & Promotion has timely arranged a propaganda to all officials and employees in the devision for message implementation; taken the initiative in making propaganda plan; suspended banners and slogan; written news and posted on the website; prepared all necessary conditions to offer tourist support and advice; raised up sense of civic responsibility and awareness against illegal demonstration to ensure public security and order in the tourist destinations./.
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