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Son La is a land rich in ethnic culture character. Many architectural, historical, cultural works and unique, special traditional cultural traits such as festival, culinary, folk song, folk dancing, craft were preserved. It's a very important tourism resource that should be preserved and promoted.

In recent years, with the attention of the Party, the authorities, and the support of ethnic people in Son La, festival programs with ethnic culture character were restored and developed as an annual routine on the 5th day of Tet festival, buffalo fight festival was organized by the people at Tong Na village, Na Bo commune, Mai Son district. This is a festival with bold ethnic cultural character which brings joyful atmosphere to the local people and to near and far tourists when they participate in the festival because this festival not only has cultural values, beliefs, unique and attracting tourists, but also demonstrates the audacity, bravery, strength, and sporting spirit with natural and wild mountain style in many devilish blow, pushing horns down, competing which brings to tourists dramatic and attractive competition stages. The Buffalo Fight Festival is held every year is also people’s wish for a new year of successful production and harvests, encouraging them to emulate in big cattle development with the desire to receive lucky winning of a rich harvest because the ox is the first occupation.

A very particular and unique feature of the festival is that all the fight buffaloes are naturally selected from farmers’ productive labor in the local for competition. After finishing the competition, all buffaloes are brought home and taken care of for production continuity, and they will meet again in the next year festival, therefore, there were buffaloes got 2, 3 times champions over the competition years.
The Buffalo Fight Festival of Son La is usually held at the Tong Nai village, Na Bo commune, Mai Son district on the lunar January 04.
Author: Nguyễn Hồng Dậu


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