Việt Nam đoạt giải nhì cuộc thi ảnh du lịch lữ hành năm 2012

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    Geographic magazine National Geographic has announced, My Balloon work of Vo Anh Kiet recorded moments play bubble of babies HMông in Moc Chau (Vietnam) won the second prize of National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012 -photo tour of 2012.
    Photo Contest of the popular TV channel National Geographic (USA) is held annually with the purpose of honoring the unique images of people, landscapes and wildlife-the indispensable spices make a trip memorable.
    This year, the participating photographers submitted entries in 4 Topics Travel Portraits (tourism Portrait), Outdoor Scenes (external), Sense of Place (Feelings of place) and Spontaneous Moments (The moment the News time).
Organizing Committee has selected the 11 best work from more than 12,000 photos of 6615 talented photographers from 152 countries around the world participate in the competition.
    Prize belongs to Cedric Houin photographer with photographs record the daily life of a Nomad family in a remote area, located at an altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level in Afghanistan.
    My photos Balloon (my flying bubble) of Vo Anh Kiet won second prize contests to capture the moment three Hmong baby playing with balloons in a New Year's Day 2012 than dew in Moc Chau, Son La province .
    Third prize was awarded to photographer Andrea Guarneri same work object pageant princess on the occasion of Easter in Trapani.
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