Ban Flower Festival

Ban Flower Festival is often held in Lunar February, when the ban flowers bloom white in the whole mountains. These are practices and beliefs of Thai ethnic people to pray for harmonious weather, harvests, proliferation, prosperity and happiness.

Unique custom of dying teeth black

According to the literature, custom of dying teeth black is not for Thai people only. It is proven that the beauty standards of Vietnamese women are women with long black hair, in 4-part dress, and black teeth.

Tao Meo –Medlar (Son Tra) - Top 50 well-known specialty fruit in Vietnam

Tao Meo - a fruit with sour, egg-shaped, greenish yellow color when ripe eating sour, acrid breath. helps digestion, enhance immunity, lower cholesterol, lower blood cholesterol, dyslipidemia, hemorrhage, liver protective, anti-cancer…...